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Our History

“AXA Medical” was established in October 2014 and it currently unites two branches. The clinic’s main goal is to participate in creation and support of healthy society. We believe that our contribution to achieving this is to improve the quality of primary healthcare services, including to improve chronic disease management and reduce wait time for specialists’ service.


Axa Medical is the clinic that cares for patients’ health! We work to ensure the most comfortable first- level contact with organized medical services, our patient’s ongoing and continuous monitoring and its coordination in the medical field.


In view of the patients’ needs and requirements, Axa Medical constantly adds new services, refines the existing ones and takes care of the team’s competence. It is important for us to make patient’s visit less stressful. Consequently, along with high-quality medical services, Axa Medical offers patients comfortable environment, attentive staff and peaceful, time-efficient services.


Patient consultations are provided by different profile highly skilled doctors, actively and successfully engaged in medical sphere. Consultations of the specialists of nearly all branches, as well as laboratory and ultrasound examination, are available in the clinic.

Department of Family Medicine

Highly qualified family doctors with theur assistants provides  the first examination and continuous monitoring of the health status of the patients.

Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics
Department of Surgery
Department of dermato-venerology
Department of Cardiology
Department of Ultrasonography
Department of diagnostic laboratory
Department of Pediatrics
Departmen of Immunization and vaccination