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მომსახურების დასახელებაფასი
ელექტროკარდიოგრაფია (ეკგ)10 GEL
ელექტროკარდიოგრაფია (ეკგ) კარდიოლოგის დასკვნით15 GEL
ელექტროკარდიოგრაფია ჰოლტერის მეთოდით55 GEL
Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics
Specially trained obstetrician-gynecologists provide advices about  management of pregnant women, maternal and child health management, medical and gynecological manipulations, family planning services.
Department of Surgery
Department of dermato-venerology
Department of Cardiology
Department of Ultrasonography
Department of diagnostic laboratory
Department of Pediatrics
Departmen of Immunization and vaccination
Department of Family Medicine
Medical Directions