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Irma Kiknade

Irma Kiknade

“Axa Medical” clinic’s  doctor-radiologist.

From 2014 till present – doctor-radiologist at “Axa Medical”.

From 2014 till present – doctor-radiologist at St. Lazarus Clinic; David Abulade Georgian-Italian clinic.

1986-1992 – studied at Tbilisi State Medical University; she is a holder of radiology license.

1996- 2015- underwent ultrasound echo scanning, ultrasound diagnostics, doplerography training courses at different clinics.

At different time worked at: V. Iverieli Endocrinology-Metabology-Dietology Center “ENMEDIC”; “New Clinic”; R. Mayr German Medical House; Clinic for IDPs; Clinical Hospital #1; Republican Central Clinical Hospital.

She is fluent in Georgia, Russian, German and English languages.

departments: Radiology
positions: Radiologist